G3, The Sam’s Town Delta Jackpot. Louisiana to host some up and coming 2 year old’s going 8.5f on the dirt.

Louisiana (LA)
Saturday, December 7, 2019 -- 2:00:00 PM EST | Race ID : 2198674     
The Sam's Town Delta Jackpot
Grade III / Group 3*CPU - Purse : $150,000 
Restricted to 2 Year Olds 
8.5 Furlongs | ~1700 Meters | One Mile and One Sixteenths Fast Dirt

Now we are heading over to Louisiana where a full field of 2 year olds will be heading out for the G3, The Sam’s Town Delta Jackpot for a purse of $150,000.  This trophy and check will await the winner of this race in the winner’s circle come this Saturday’s race.  The big question will be is there a horse or horses in this field that can rise up to find a place in this year’s Triple Crown starting with the Bluegrass Derby come May in the bluegrass of the Kentucky track.  Only time and fate will tell if any of these contenders here in Louisiana will rise up to capture a spot in that prestigious race.   Those failing to show up with some triple digit speeds in this race this late in the season should be concerned for their future for a Bluegrass Derby ticket.  They will head out to cross 8.5 furlongs on a Fast Dirt track here in The Sam’s Town Delta Jackpot and make a bid for the a trophy and check that could be awaiting them here in the fish bowl of Louisiana.  The odds makers have made their selections and posted their morning line for this race.  Post positions have been drawn and last minute instructions are going out to all the jockeys that will take to the irons for this race.  Let us take a preview into this lineup and see how this field stacks up for this running of the G3, The Sam’s Town Delta Jackpot here in Louisiana of which we will find a new Graded winner in this race. 

Post Position:  1

Horse/Odds: World Bid  30/1
Sire: Bushranger
Owner: deeprock2
Jockey: P Davidson

This 2 year old Bay colt is no stranger to the Grade stakes level.  But in stepping up in Class against Graded company he has been met with much disappointment.  He does hold a SP badge which was earned on an off track back in April of this year in a Listed Stakes, the Azerley Stakes in Belgium on the yielding turf.  This horse makes a sudden switch to dirt for this race after a career consisting of only turf outings.  I do share in concern with the odds makes of this sudden switch without any lower level races under his belt on this surface.  Jockey, P Davidson gets the call up top of this colt when they take to the track together representing the Empire State Racing residency.

Post Position:  2

Horse/Odds: Hydrogen Cell  18/1
Sire: Hydrogen
Owner: lightng120
Jockey: M Bailey

This is another 2 year old colt that brings some concern to the odds makers and myself as he is another horse that has never ran across a dirt track in his career.  All of his races have been on the turf with his best results being on 08/18/2019 in the G3, The A Bomb stakes in Surrey.  He showed up 3rd in that race and was 1 ½ lengths back when he crossed the wire.  His last outing came on the turf in Surrey on 10/27/2019 in the G1, High Flyer Stakes.  He failed to perform and compete in this field and showed up dragging the tail end at the wire over 14 lengths back which proved to be a disastrous attempt for him.  Jockey, B Bailey will get the call for this race to ride up top and see if he can transition this colt over to dirt and improve on some failed recent outings.  They will be headed out to the dirt track representing the Empire State Racing residency at post time.

Post Position:  3

Horse/Odds: Den’s Cadet  13/1
Sire: Den’s Legacy
Owner: graywolf5
Jockey: Be Smith

This Bay colt had a nice little win his last trip to the track when he faced a very small field here in Louisiana going 8.5 furlongs on 11/09/2019 in a $48,700/NW1S Allowance race.  He crossed the wire first in that race by 1 ½ lengths.  To his dismay his stakes efforts have remained unfruitful, especially at the Graded level of which he has made several prior attempts.  His best career speed rating came in at 87 back in September when he finished 7th in the G1, Hopeless Stakes.  I am afraid this number falls too far down the list for this horse to be a big factor when he heads to the gate representing to represent the Queensland Racecourse residency.

Post Position:  4

Horse/Odds: Yocky Rules  37/1
Sire: Yockey’s Warrior
Owner: graywolf14
Jockey: Ja Davis

The graywolf6 master stables find another Bay colt they wish to bring to the mix.  Unfortunately I continue with concerns as I did his prior entry in this race.  I just don’t feel a speed rating in the low 80’s is going to be near enough to compete with the top horses in this race.  This horse broke his maiden back in June of this year with a 77 speed rating.  He took off to enter a Graded race of which he was far from ready and took a fairly significant drop in speed in the G3, Montana Futurity in Oregon.  His last trip to the track he rebounded a little and found his high speed rating of 82 here in Louisiana on 11/19/2018 going 8 furlongs in a $48,700/NW2L Local  Allowance.  He will have Ja Davis up top to take the ride who will need to dig out some extra leg work in this horse to keep him competitive in this race.

Post Position:  5

Horse/Odds: Practical Clown  7/1
Sire: Practical Joke
Owner: rrl2
Jockey: E Behr

This Chestnut colt sired by Practical Joke has not been a joke here in his first season hitting the boards six times in seven career starts.  He has seemed to adjust well in traveling 8 furlongs and will make his first attempt adding on a half furlong of which to travel for this race.  This Listed Stakes winner found that badge on his last trip to the track on 11/09/2019 in Indiana when he went gate to wire in the Hold The Pickles Stakes.  He got up going away to cross the wire first by 1 ½ lengths.  Jockey, E Behr will get the call to jump in the saddle and may need to bring out the best in this horse to keep him on the boards for this outing.  They will be headed out at post time to represent an excited team from the Only Stayers residency.

Post Position:  6

Horse/Odds: Miff  7/1
Sire: Violence
Owner: serenasong
Jockey: EN Thomas

This Bay colt went out in his last race in Kentucky and rebounded with a gate to wire win on 10/25/2019 in a $75,000 Allowance win with a 95 speed rating.  His race prior to that was at 6 furlongs in New Jersey in the G3, The Baby Tree Stakes where he faded back to 5th as they headed for home.  The added distance seems to have been welcomed by this colt and appears to be up for another Graded opportunity.  He gets jockey, EN Thomas to ride up top for this race that will be looking to keep this horse on lead or very close to the front.  Look for him to be a competitive contender up front in this race.

Post Position:  7

Horse/Odds: A Smooth Mover  7/1
Sire: Speightstown
Owner: redhill12
Jockey: E Seifert

This Bay colt has found himself with a new opportunity to step up into a Graded race after his last outing on 10/20/2019 in Texas where he ran going 8 furlongs in a $43,800/NW3L Allowance.  He closed from over 5 lengths back at the third call to rise up and take a 1 ½ length win in this race.  This prior SP badge earner will get the services of jockey, E Seifert from out of Argentina.  This veteran jockey will be trying to weave this horse around an added distance of a ½ furlong since his last outing and will be most likely lurking in the middle of the pack or stalking the leaders.  That last speed rating of 95 if he can bring it forward could make him a contender for the wire as they go out to represent the Blazing Saddles residency.

Post Position:  8

Horse/Odds: Outback Dapper  6/1
Owner: outback4
Jockey: W Cahill

This unproven Bay colt will be taking a big leap in Class from having only two races under his belt with only one win to his credit which was his maiden voyage back in August at a distance of 7 furlongs.  His second outing came on 10/10/2019 in Ireland when he went 8.5 furlongs in a $42,800/NW2L Allowance where he ran a 94 speed rating to capture the wire in 2nd and 1 ¾ lengths back.  I question if this lack of experience and long travel will haunt him as he comes here to Louisiana for this race.  His owner contracts with jockey, W Cahill who is a seasoned jockey from out of Oklahoma to ride in the saddle of his colt for this race.  Perhaps this seasoned veteran has had the time to work out all the kinks of this co-favorite in the morning line to get this horse into contention for this race as they head to the dirt on Saturday representing the Midas residency.

Post Position:  9

Horse/Odds: Avenue of Clouds  11/1
Owner: hootson
Jockey: I Szott

This scratch bred Bay colt has found two lifetime wins in his four career start, and one of them was not on 11/02/2019 when he went 8 furlongs in Texas in the Lake Shore Drive Stakes.  He ran a 92 speed rating that day and crossed the wire in 4th and was 1 ½ lengths back.  He takes on another half furlong in this race when he hits the gates here in Louisiana.  He has consistently improved on his speed ratings of which he will need to see in this upcoming race to stay in contention.  He gets jockey, I Szott to take to the saddle for this ride with him as they head out to the post parade representing the East-West Connection residency.

Post Position:  10

Horse/Odds: Trezar  9/1
Sire: Nyquist
Owner: astin
Jockey: V Jennings

This Bay colt has four career starts and has hit the boards in three of those races.  His last trip to the track was in Kansas on 10/12/2019 in a Listed Stakes, the Cornfield County Stakes of which he pulled in 2nd and just a head from getting up for a win after a valiant closing effort.  He did only show a 88 speed rating in that race which brings concern if he can hit the boards again against these Graded contenders.  He gets jockey, V Jenning from Arkansas to come in and take to the saddle to ride in this race with him.  This jockey will need to bring with him a bag of tricks and pull out some added effort in his horse to keep him in contention for a win.  They will be headed out at the call of the race representing the All-Stars Racing residency.

Post Position:  11

Horse/Odds: Newholm  7/1
Sire: Arrogate
Owner: atw0
Jockey: F Oxon

This Roan colt has never been asked to perform at any stakes level in his short career.  He did make his last trip to the track in New York on 10/25/2019 in a $48,700/NW2L Allowance.  He hit the boards and crossed the wire in first after making a late run to get up for a 2 ¼ length win.  He has a total of five career starts and has never been pushed off the boards as he boasts three 2nds and two wins to his credit.  His last outing he showed up in that Allowance win with a 95 speed rating which he will look to carry forward with him and try to improve upon as he gets a seasoned jockey in F Oxon who is a local favorite here in Louisiana to take the ride with him.  They will be headed out to the gate representing the East-West Connection residency come post time.

Post Position:  12

Horse/Odds: Curlin AP  10/1
Sire: Scratch Bred: CURLIN x A.P. INDY x ROBERTO
Owner: avengers1
Jockey: C Shoemaker

This Bay colt stuck his feet into uncharted waters in his last outing as he headed out on 10/06/2019 in Ontario in the G3, The Charcoal Breeder’s Cup going 8.5 furlongs in a race of which he found his highest speed rating of 92, but in a very disappointing outcome as he placed 8th and was 5 ¾ lengths back when he crossed the wire.  However, I am not disappointed in the possibilities for this horse in this G3 event where I feel he will be meeting up with a little softer field off contenders.  A call is placed to secure the services of jockey, C Shoemaker for this race who is another seasoned jockey coming out of Texas.  I kind of look for this horse to improve in this race and could be a horse to watch as they head down the final stretch representing the DellPenn National residency.

Post Position:  13

Horse/Odds: The Art  22/1
Sire: The United States
Owner: drsafbreds
Jockey: D Stayright

This Bay colt sired in South Africa has had a grueling first season of races with 8 starts already and has been able to hit the boards in five of those trips to the track.  He showed a top speed of 82 in his last outing which was on 11/02/2019 in the G3, The Nashua Special at a distance of 8 furlongs.  He started to fade back and never really found his footing in this race and crossed the wire in 10 and was over 9 lengths back when he finished up against this fourteen horse field.  He has tried a couple of races on the turf but has shown that the dirt is most likely his best choice.  I just don’t feel that an 82 speed or anything thing close to that is going to get a horse on the boards in The Sam’s Town Delta Jackpot.  The horse has good stakes experience coming into this race but none that has been fruitful or to his advantage.  I therefore must concur with the odds makers on this one as he is made one of the longer choices in the field when they head out to represent the Empire State Racing residency at post time.

Post Position:  14

Horse/Odds: Dwarven Arrows  6/1
Sire: Arrogate
Owner: given10
Jockey: M Buck

This Grey colt may not have drawn the best post position for his running style, which is at or near the front in his best outings.  He has had some luck in finding some short fields to contend with his last four trips to the track, but today he will be taking on a full field of contenders and breaking from a gate of which he has not proven to be to his advantage.  However one cannot bark at a 92 career high speed rating regardless of how short the fields he has ran in recently.  His last trip to the track came on 10/27/2019 as he traveled 8.5 furlong in Kentucky in the Listed Stakes, the Small Horse Challenge of which three of the five entrants where from this master stable and showed up to make a clean sweep on the boards.  He will bring this horse to step up in Class to the Graded level and will be looking toward seasoned jockey, M Buck from out of Mexico to bring his horse forward and improve his speeds from his last outing.  The only concern I have for this horse is that gate draw.  I would of like to have seen something closer to the rail for this trip when they head out to represent the GR Simsters at post time.

**Skippy’s Watch List**

Curlin AP:  Ran against greater his last trip out and showed improvement at this distance.

Newholm: Going with this Allowance winner with a seasoned jockey up top to be in the mix.

A Smooth Mover: Another Allowance winner and SP badge earner that brings in a seasoned jockey for the ride could get the job done.

**Tarton’s Long Shot**

Avenue Of Clouds:  He is going off at 11/1, but is the longest choice in the field I feel comfortable at putting money on at the betting window for this race.  He has shown improvement with each trip to the track and I would expect that again.  He will get the call on my exotic tickets at the windows.

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