Stuck On Cards Competes in 500th Race at Very Odd Odds

Stuck on Cards will be making his 500th career start this weekend and the world was invited to compete. Most of the world did not want to compete in this race but 8 other trainers have chosen to partake in this historical event and undoubtedly, they will rejoice in demolishing Stuck on Cards in the race.

Stuck on Cards is a horse I own and was initially an experiment to see how many consecutive days he could race in Hot races before the system required a rest. (16 races turned out to be the answer). After that, it became how many races can he compete in before he dies from abuse. No answer to that as he’s still racing.

Stuck on Cards has also achieved other milestones, such as racing on each surface at all available distances. In his 499 previous starts, he has a record of 8-15-22 with $144,600 in earnings (or a measly $290. per start). He has made Delaware his home track and will be racing in a 6 furlong dirt race with allowance competition. The BTB has been generous and expanded the race program several pages to include all of his 2019 races. And oddly enough, he has very odd odds, take a look at the program to see them (Delaware race ID 2370541 race is on 1/18/2020).

Here’s a look at the horses that will beat him:


Won four times last year with three in starter allowances and a season ending allowance victory. Was off the board twice in listed stakes and had one other race which was in allowance and a second place finish. Speeds have been in the 100 range and looks to be in a good spot to defeat Stuck on Cards. Heck, he may even win this race.


This horse does not race on dirt much, only four times in 36 starts. He changed barns at the end of November and immediately took a second in an allowance with a 106 speed but diminished to 91 when tackling dirt in his last race. This should not be too concerning, as the speed itself is lightyears above Stuck On Cards ability so he should have no problem finishing a good distance ahead of Stuck. Also, in mid-October he does have a second on the dirt with a 103 speed, so he can do the job. He does make a rare appearance in a sprint which could be a factor against the other runners.


Seven wins in 13 sprint starts, including his last outing with a 112 speed, is very impressive. Heck, this one has $196,000 in earnings in all of those dirt starts and Stuck on Cards has 499 starts (on all surfaces) and is well behind on earnings. This means Oscars Memory should conquer Stuck on Cards. As for the competition, he has won every allowance race he has competed in when racing at this level on the dirt. He will beat Stuck, but he could also beat everyone else.


Charismatic has been in the money 17 of 22 times, a very impressive career and this record, by itself, tells a story that he will out battle Stuck on Cards. With speeds in the upper 90’s to mid-100’s, he should do this by a very large margin. During 2019, he raced 11 times with seven races in allowance and four in listed stakes. He hit the board in all of the allowance races and once in listed stakes. He’s been dependable and should put in a good race against the others.


Half at Sea may feel pressure from Stuck on Cards. Half raced 8 times last year. He won the first race of the year but was off the board in ever start thereafter. This could be the one that Stuck finishes in front of. But considering he raced mainly in routes and is now returning to a decent sprint distance, and that Half has won 8 of 11 career sprint starts, I have to say that Stuck on Cards will finish behind this runner. Although he has been in a drought, the return to his liking of sprints could make this one the spoiler.


Dreams is a fast early front running horse and will be drawing away from Stuck on Cards the split second the gates open. This strategy will work to Dreams benefit as Stuck never comes from behind, so Dreams will definitely win this one-on-one dual. As for beating the rest of the field, that is more of a challenge. The early speed has not been strong enough to go gate to wire, as he has 5 wins in 35 starts. While Stuck on Cards won’t be a challenge, the rest of the field will be.


Ok, here we go. The odds in the program for Stuck on Cards are “SCR”. That is correct, no numbers, just the letters SCR. He has had that previously in his race career, on the rare occasions he ventured into an allowance or stakes race. Asking the games creator what this meant, the answer was that a horse that is scratched from a race has better chance to beat this horse. Really, a horse that is not racing has a better chance to win? In Stuck’s case, it is probably true.

Stuck has no chance, zero, zilch, nil, zippo, none, etc, etc, etc….chance of winning. He’ll probably be about 40 lengths, maybe more, behind the horse that finishes ahead of him. But I do predict that he will not die during the race and he will cross the finish line. It may be a few days later, but he will finish. Speeds have been 14 or lower over the past year.


It Can Wait has a win streak of three straight coming into this race. A feat that Stuck On Cards has never had. The only streak that Stuck has had is for most consecutive losses. It Can Wait has a nicer streak and that alone is the reason he will finish way ahead of Stuck. Wait has spent most of his time racing in claiming races in 2019 and was claimed for a token amount in June. He’s raced twice for his new connections with a Hot race win and starter allowance win in his last start. He’s been spreading out the starts for his new connections and is capable of lodging a 100+ speed. Could be the sleeper in the field waiting to awake.


I like Pez. Always did since my childhood. I have fond memories of my Grandfather treating me to this candy that was originally supposed to be a breath mint. Ok, I dwell on memories…can the Dispenser beat Stuck on Cards? Of course! The Pez Dispenser will have no problem in dispensing Stuck on Cards. Dispensing is in his name, it is what he does. As for the other horses, that is a different story. Pez had a nice streak of three sprint wins during 2019 but petered out a bit in his final two starts. Granted, one was a listed stake which was too tough for him, but the last start when returning to allowance was a next to last finish. Gonna be a tough task against the rest of the field.


STUCK ON CARDS is my top pick. He’s my horse and I have to pick him. But not for first. Not for second, Not for anything but for last. And I pick him to finish and continue on to race #501.

OSCARS MEMORY is my selection to win as he has won all allowance races this past year and I expect this to leak into his first 2020 start.

CHARISMATIC HERO has done well in allowance company during 2019 and fits into things in this race.

HALF AT SEA could benefit with the sprint race, although the last start was also a print and he finished well back. Might make the adjustment this time.

6 thoughts on “Stuck On Cards Competes in 500th Race at Very Odd Odds

  • January 17, 2020 at 3:48 am

    I have very much enjoyed following along on the journey of “Stuck”

  • January 17, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    I told my jock to take it easy on The Loud War for this race, effort is set to 10. I’m rooting for Stuck on Cards.

    • January 17, 2020 at 3:23 pm

      Wait, Stuck on Cards scratched? I only entered that race because of him! My horse is going back to 100% effort.

  • January 18, 2020 at 1:35 am

    Yeah, those odds for Stuck on Cards are out of the world.

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