Stuck On Cards Loses 500th Start

It should not be any surprise that Stuck On Cards would finish dead last, and by a considerable margin, in his 500th career start. In a race this weekend held in Delaware, the home to Stuck On Cards (who is affectionately known as SOC) a record crowd of nearly 395 people flooded the raceway. Track officials expected a larger turnout and hired 500 assistant workers for crowd control, parking, food, paramutuals, etc. Turned out that most stayed at home and watched the race via television, internet, cell phones, etc.

There was closed to a million dollars wagered on the race, but not a penny on the doomed SOC who went off at the unconventional odds of “SCR”. The race results would “officially” have him at 9,999/1 and that’s only because they had to publish something that looked realistic.

As for the race itself, SOC would get into an early duel with The Loud War for the rear seat in the field. The Loud War would gain control of that spot and hold it for nearly a quarter of the 6-furlong race. That’s when SOC would put on the breaks and take command by the half way point and drifing more than a length behind The Loud War. The Loud War gave every opportunity to SOC to move up as he held the eighth spot but by the head of the stretch, SOC was 26 lengths behind the leader and 15 off of The Loud War.

You would think that the stretch was made out of quicksand as Stuck On Cards barely moved in the stretch run. He would lose the race by nearly 45 lengths. Watching the race on the old viewer, and turning on my computer clock, it took SOC 35 seconds to finish the race after the winning horse touched the line.

Charismatic Hero, at 6/1, was the winner of the race. He hooked into a battle for the lead early on with Dreams of Winning and after breaking away from that challenger, he went on without much of a threat to score the win with a 103 speed. Imagine that, it took the winning horse to hit a 103 speed to beat Stuck On Cards!

Geronimooooo was second in the race and he took a relaxed mid-field approach. He was the co-favorite at 4/1 and picked up a few strides late in the race to finish second and a stride and a half off the winner with a speed of 100.

It Can Wait had to wait as there was a photo for the third spot. It took the stewards a few minutes to wait for the image from the Instamatic camera that the Delaware track still utilizes for its finish line photos. Although slightly blurred, the stewards determined the 8/1 It Can Wait got the third spot. He officially recorded a 98.216 speed

Oscars Memory was the loser in the photo for third, a position he held tight onto for much of the race. The 4/1 co-favorite will take home some small purse funds and the 98.203 speed was officially recorded from the stewards that still use stop watches in Delaware.

Dreams of Winning (9/2 odds) challenged early for the lead with Charismatic Hero but was out dueled and held second until the stretch run where he galloped across the line in fifth to take the last of the purse money with a 94.487 speed.

The stewards took another photo related to the fifth and sixth spots, but it was pretty evident that The Pez Dispenser was nearly a long neck behind Dreams of Winning. Anyway, the photo kept the bored stewards busy as they declared Pez the sixth place finisher with a speed of 94.224 on their stop watch. Pez was the official longshot in the race at 9/1 as Stuck on Cards had no odds.

Half At Sea ran a speed of 90 and just ran a leisurely slow pace hoping that Stuck on Cards would out run it. The 6/1 runner could have picked daises from the side of the track during the race and still would have beat out SOC. Heck, it could have planted a tree and the tree would have grown 10 feet by the time SOC caught up.

The Loud War gave a good early effort to SOC to beat someone but SOC was stubborn and the Loud War would finish in the eighth spot with a speed of 88. He would be 7 1/2 off the winner and still lightyears ahead of the last place finisher.

Last place honors fall to Stuck on Cards who ran a speed of 13 and was 45 strides off the winner and the nearest horse was still 38 lengths away. At the Delaware track, the race caller uses a bull horn to announce the race. After the Loud War crossed the line, the race caller gave a weather update, provided update on all the professional sports going on, sang two songs and announced the field for the next race that had entered the track. And as SOC reached the finish line he announced “And now completing his 500th race and crossing the line is Stuck On Cards. Could someone please bring him the oxygen tank”.

There you have it, Stuck On Cards has reached the milestone 500th race and he did not die. In fact, he came out of the race in Ready-to-Go condition. Looks like he could be on track for another 500 races. And I would like to thank all the trainers that competed in the race as well as those who altered the race settings to give SOC a chance to compete.

4 thoughts on “Stuck On Cards Loses 500th Start

    • January 20, 2020 at 11:00 pm

      I’m going to hunt this dinosaur down and give him the race of his life for his last spot cause my horse lives to be dead last

  • January 21, 2020 at 12:05 am

    I have an 0 for 50 horse that’s going to make Stuck on Cards look like Justify lol

  • January 21, 2020 at 4:37 am

    Looking forward to the clash of the big guns when it happens….will be able to time it with a sun dial!

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