The EWC has a year long contest that kicks off this weekend with the first race.   The I OWN A DUD racing series requires residents to breed a horse using no more than 30 BP’s.   These cheaply bred horses are truly duds. 

There are nine races plotted throughout the year with the first one this weekend on the turf at the sprint distance of 6 furlongs.   The distances will increase each week and the last race held in November at the towering route distance of 16 furlongs.   To make things more challenging, races will alter between the turf and dirt each time.

Here’s a quick look at the entrants:


CHEAP CONNECTION (7/1) is owned by JM23Stable who has cranked out this gal with the breeding line of Birdie Birdie x Modigliani x Panoramic.   Birdie Birdie just completed its third year as a sire and has a total of 50 children with only one stake winner.  46% of the children have picked up a win and the sire is ranked 3,740th

The breeding line does have some connections to the likes of Seeking The Gold, Danzig and Rainbow Quest so there is a blend of both track services in this child.

SCAT TURD POOP (10/1) is owned by Cuetec who pumped out 30 BP’s to breed this lady using Scatman x Fleet Food x Black Mambo.   A lot of bloodline connections are underlying in this blood line that include Gone West, Mr. Prospector, Kingmambo and others that figure to make a nice blend for both dirt and turf surfaces.

Scatman is ranked 2,387th amongst all sires and completed his third year as a sire.   117 horses have been bred with this sire and 57% have earned a victory with no stake winners to date.

PHONE DE VAUX (34/1) is owned by Sjmeola who took on the breeding line of Not Phone x Baron De Vaux x Disperal.   Sire Not Phone is ranked 7,685th and has been around for a while but has been used very seldomly with only 17 children to brag about but a decent 52% have been winners.

There’s not too much depth in the blood connections and the strength looks to be deep down in Fappiano being the top one to lean upon.

I’M NOT A DUD (8/1) is owned by Atthewire who utilized the BP investment to breed this filly with the lineage of Not Bourbon x Sire Harry Lewis x Grape Tree Road.   Sire Not Bourbon is very rarely used and is ranked 10,134th in the game.   Over the years only 24 horses have entered into races from this sire and 41% have won with no stake winners.  

Deep down in the bloodline are connections to Sadler’s Wells, Mr. Prospector as well as Nijinsky’s 2nd.   My gut feeling is that this one will follow a stronger ability on the dirt where much of the offspring have landed wins.

KEETO SPEEDO (12/1) is owned by Brit9 and through the breeding lineage of Keeto x Tippity Tap x Well Noted has connections to the likes of Tapit, Seattle Slew and Pulpit as decent depth with more ability on the dirt.

However, sire Keeto (ranked 10,427th) has an even split of the offspring liking either surface.  Oddly, as a DS, Keeto’s kids prefer the dirt.   Keeto is rarely used with 26 kids and 14 of them (53%) delivering at least one win and there has not been a stake winner from this sire.

FAST DUDESS (27/1) is owned by Denovo and his spending spree went towards Fast Freight x Exploratory x Flyinfact.    Sire Fast Freight (ranked 4,080th)  has been around a while but used very loosely with 28 kids fathered.   Despite being in light demand, he does have a high 78% of his offspring winning races with 2/3rds on the turf and 1/3rd on the dirt.

As to the bloodline connections, there isn’t a lot to see except deep routed is Fappiano and Sadler’s Wells which may give a better dirt/turf blend.


FUNNY DUDDY (7/1) has been bred by Millerfarm who invested in the lineage of A Shin G Line x Birdonthewire x Technology.   The sire houses much of the strength of this bloodline and has a strong bloodline connection to Giant’s Causeway, Danzig and Storm Cat while the DS and DDS are the weak end.

A Shin G Line (ranked 8,639th) just completed his second year as a sire and has fathered 43 horses, of which 12 have notched at least one win.   Two thirds have come on the dirt which could make this one a threat in the dirt races of the race series.


LAST ONE HOME (5/2) is owned by Crawf68 who tossed BP’s at the lineage of Tosen Stardom x Catbird x Namaqualand.   This one looks to have a stronger turf layer with Deep Impact and Danehill connections in the bloodline however Mr. Prospector is also in there which could support the grass and help on the dirt surfaces.

As for sire Tosen Stardom (ranked 8,169th), he has completed his second year as a sire with 17 of his 19 children bred last year, so there is a building attraction to this sire.  His kids have won 47% of their starts and the grass has been the place they most frequently have found success, so this colt looks like he will enjoy the grass the most.

TRY TO BEAT ME (12/1) is owned by Kashbarn and this colt was bred using the bloodline of King of Jazz x Comedy Show x Seven Figures.   King of Jazz has one stake winner and is ranked 3,538th overall.   He finished his third year as a sire with 55 children and 54% of them are winners.

The bloodline is loaded with connections to top names, such as Giant’s Causeway, Distorted Humore, Kingmambo, Storm Cat amongst others, however, most seem to favor the dirt and Kingmambo may be the only reliance to any hope on the grass.

MISSION FROM GAWD (19/1) is owned by Tstack who put BP’s to work on the lineage of Gentleman James x Elwood and Jake x Rocking Trick.   There are some nice connections in this lineage to Mr. Greeley, Gone West and Storm Cat that maybe more driven towards the dirt races in this contest series.

Focusing on sire Gentleman James (ranked 3,592nd), he has fathered 47 horses with no stake winners, however has one of the highest percentages of winning children in this field with 63% touring the winners circle.   The split of wins is nearly even between dirt and turf which could be a big plus in this bi-surface contest.

ASLEEP BY MIDNIGHT (7/1) is owned by Smittie684 and has taken a shot at the Lebron x Figure of Speech x Manshood bloodline.   Some nice blood connections reside in the roots of the bloodline that include Galileo, AP Indy, Sadler’s Wells, Northern Dancer and a few others.

Sire Lebron is ranked 6,092nd overall and completed his second year as a sire.  He has no stake winners and of 37 children, 57% have won races.  Winners have tilted towards the turf side but plenty have won on the dirt too and with the nice mix of dirt and turf in the bloodline, this one may be a factor on both surfaces.

DISTORTHOF (18/1) is owned by Hofman who is banking on the BP’s used with the Montmartre x Arrigo x Adieu bloodline.   There are connections in this line to the likes of Distorted Humor, Tapit, Monsun and Forty Niner which may be more dirt leaning but Monsun could help on the grass races in the series.

As for the 7,904th ranked sire Montmartre, he just finished his second year as a sire and has bred 13 horses with 7 (53%) gathering in victories but no stake winner yet.  Only two children in 2018 but a bit more interest with 11 horses bred in 2019, so there may be some interest in using this sire by trainers, probably more for decent lower end racers, which this child seems to fit the bill with. 

FUDDY DUDDY BULB (11/1) is owned by Tyedye and is sired by War Cry who is ranked 5,483rd.   War Cry has had a number of children with 92 produced and a decent 44% earning wins.   2019 was a low number with only five racing and a drop off form a high of 27 in 2017.

The bloodline is comprised of War Cry x Forbidden Apple x Perfect and there are connections to some solid past sires that include Unbriled, Fappiano and Nijinsky 2nd.   Sire War Cry’s kids have a slight preference for turf over dirt, so this one may perform well on both surfaces but I think the dirt will be the best fit.


A truly awful field of first time starts which is what the racing series is about.  Hard to pick on over the other so I’m going to rely on the jockeys that have opted to ride the horses.    Looking at the top money winning jockeys as well as those who have shipped into California to race (well, they did not fly in for this race as California has 3 grade stakes on the card).   So my picks are based on the jockey earnings and those that are tops at the CA track.

So top pick is going to FUNNY DUDDY with F. Gossett making the choice to ride.  Gossett is by far the leading jockey in the Americas Division and makes his home at the CA track.

N. Lawton crosses the boarder of Canada  and is the second highest in earnings in the Americas Division and has signed on to ride I’M NOT A DUD, the second choice.

The third choice is going to CHEAP CONNECTION who gets the services of jockey D. Givins who flies in from Kentucky and is fifth in earnings in the Americas Division.

A Jolly is ranked just below D Givins in earnings and comes in from Louisiana and has agreed to ride TRY TO BEAT ME and is the wildcard fourth choice.

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  • January 10, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    Can’t wait to see who the best dud is! Thanks for the write up!

  • January 12, 2020 at 2:52 pm

    Well, you are supporting Minnesota-Testbarn with one of your stables, and not supporting anything with your other stable, so if you’d like to join EWC with your 2nd stable, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t participate in the DUD series for the rest of the year 🙂

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