In this article we will look at sires who are delivering grade 1 horses in real life in 2019. The list will include those who have four or more grade 1 runners or over 2.5% grade 1 horses to runners. This is good at highlighting younger sires or sires that may have issues preventing large crops.
DEEP IMPACT dead though will continue for a while to be the leading sire in Japan. It would be worth noting for the game the low average winning distance of his offspring 8.8f. This is one area of the game sire rankings Mike could usefully look at going forward to continue his vastly improved sire rankings over the last decade.

GALILEO he has been the best sire in the world for a long time. He is joint top in term of number of grade 1 horses in 2019 with Deep Impact 12 though this has been achieved from over 200 fewer runners. He is one of two outstanding stallions running at over 5% grade 1 performers to runners. Very few have over 2.5%. he is also the leading sire in percentage terms for grade 1 winners and black type performers.

FRANKEL he currently has 9 grade 1 horses and is top in terms of percentages at 5.7%. he also has the highest percentage of graded stakes winners and graded stake runners. He is the air apparent to his farther. The results are even more worthy of praise as his current crop are his worst in terms of numbers and mare quality this always happens to all sires. Expect improved results in the years to come especially as his Dad is getting older. He is now an exceptional sire.

DUBAWI sits next in the list with 7. He seasons after season has been coming second to Galileo in the statistical lists. He continues to perform at an outstanding level and is one of the best three active sires it just appears Frankel is better than he is. He has the highest number of black type winners in 2019 so far.

SHAMARDAL after a poor 2018 he has bounced back strongly this year. He has provided 6 grade 1 horses. His main attribute is speed as a stallion and unlike pretty much all the top European sires has an average winning distance of only 7.73 which is very low unless compared against sires from American where classic type stallions are something time has forgot. Europe at the lower levels are catching this race to the bottom up.

SCAT DADDY dead. He is the leading US sire on the list and his death was a big loss as he was a versatile stallion in terms of surface type, though many of his offspring fitted a pattern of quick developing speed horses. An average winning distance of 7.17 backs this up. As a future sire of sires, he is unlucky in that he missed out getting the truly top-class mares he had lined up before his death. Just looking at the pedigrees both sides of those above him on the list to see what a pivotal role the female side of the pedigree contributes to future star stallions.

HEART’S CRY he is a strange one with 5 grade 1 horses but only 5 stakes winners. The figures from Japan are hard to digest at times. The number of runners make the percentages very small and it appears they run a higher percentage of grade 1 stakes races in comparison to listed stakes races. The upside to the sire is he is likely to receive his fair share of Deep Impact bound mares going forward.

STAY GOLD dead and benefits from the strange race program in Japan.

INTO MISCHIEF is the first of the group with 4 grade 1 scorer’s he is one of only two non-Japanese based sires with 300 in the group this obviously boosts his numbers but downgrades the percentages. His low average winning distance of 6.79f kind of makes him somewhat one dimensional in real life. This probably needs looking at in the sim as his split between sprint and route winners does not reflect this or conversely it means many players are under utilising his offspring’s ability in the game. He is though saying this a sire on a definite upward trajectory in real life.

QUALITY ROAD it is god to see him on the list. I wrote an article last year that predicted he and Lope de Vega would both be top sires. This was not that smart, but it is great to see both making this list. As mentioned then Quality Road ahs great top end statistics but are not as deep as would be desirable at listed stakes level. Hopefully this will be addressed when the higher quality mares he has been bred and resulting foals hit the track. His 7.67f awd his high for a sire based in the US so obviously he has a better chance than most of siring dirt classic type horses.

CANDY RIDE again has a solid strike rate of grade 1 performers. Once again as mentioned before he suffers from players in the game not taking enough time with his offspring. The patient is a virtue factor was highlighted recently on the message board by a horse that had won a grade 1 aged 10. I am sure if run as most horses had it would have been retired only an allowance winner many years ago its early form was none to inspiring. It is also worth noting as with Galileo Candy Ride will be 21 next year so by default their days at stud are numbered.

SPEIGHTSTOWN he again is another old sire in fact 22 next ear s it would appear his days are numbered. He continues to be a good speed sire with a lifetime awd of 6.53f so you know what you are likely to get with this guy and a decent dam sire. His other main attribute being a high winning percentage from his offspring which is always a good trait to pass on. Again, as with Candy Ride his offspring can need time very much like he did as a racehorse.

SEA THE STARS joins the list long with his half brother Galileo. All his grade 1 horse have won grade 1 races and he just missed on that star ranking with 9.89% graded horses this year only the three superstar stallions and Kingman (a sire on the rise) have surpassed that total in 2019. He has the highest awd of any of the stallions at 10.61f. As a certain trainer said once “they are a bit slow” in a decade they will be in high demand just because of that fact.

DARK ANGEL has the highest number of runners of sires outside Japan. This obviously helps him get a decent number of grade 1 runners. He also has the lowest percentage of grade 1 horses per runners on the list. None have so far won a grade 1 though that may change later this week. Interestingly he has Timeform’s highest rated older horse of 2019 who is the 14th highest rated horse in training via the world thoroughbred rankings.

LOPE DE VEGA was highlighted in the same article as Quality Road last year. It is good to see him as well on the list vindicating the fact these are top sires who are only likely to rise the rankings when for instance his Dad Shamardal ceases to be an option. He tends to excel with horses around a mile.

LE HAVRE continues to be one of the leading sires in France. His better-bred offspring now hitting the track and you can see the results improving. He is added by his offspring staying well an awd of 9.88f shows him to be a real classic sire. Add to the fact he is related to Pivotal closely via his dam he in fact has his physic and a different pedigree he should be a force for a long time as a dam sire. He is one of the few sires you pray for a filly out off.

We know hit the sires running at over 2.5% grade 1 horses per runners.

FASTNET ROCK this is bus driver holiday job hence his lower number of runners but percentage wise he is still top class. If he shuttled the other way, he would be a sire with at least 4 grade 1 horses. The factors to note are he has a higher winning distance of offspring in the northern hemisphere due to the type of mares being bred too. It is still below 8f and he is an obvious speed influence.

OLYMPIC GLORY was highlighted when looking at second crop sires. It is interesting and a positive sign he hits another list. Standing at less than 10k makes this kind of percentage impressive especially considering to factors he is not sub fertile and 2yo racing has offered little chance of grade 1 racing so far. Trends that are important for this sire they improve as they get older and stay better than would be expected an average winning distance of 8.99f is testament to this especially for a second crop sire.

FARHH comes here as the only sire apart from Frankel and Galileo with over 3% graded stakes winners to runners at 4.66% the other two being over 5%. He also has the highest percentage of listed stakes winners to runners in the top 100 sires. These results are rather striking though do come with a big caveat. He has the fertility on par with a gelded panda if not he would be right near the top of the list. He has an awd just shy of 10f which suggests that his female genes are dominant here. It will be interesting to see how Mike balances his ability against fertility when rating him in the game which does not take fertility into account when breeding.

On these lists when looking through them you will always see one sire who makes you go Who? How? What? These though are the interesting sires to look at and review and try to understand why what the clues are what can we learn. Though for many it will be who is not on the list and for some this is seen as a divine right even though facts show otherwise.

FIBER SONDE this is the sire that fits the profile. I admit to knowing nothing about and have tried to find out some basic facts first from the list data and then via google. The obvious he has the highest winners to runner’s percentage of any sire on the list, he has two graded stakes winners this year and one grade 1 horse. He stands for $1k in West Virginia. The fact he is a good stallion standing in an area of poor racing helps him and hence why his win percentage is so high. This carries on as we have two graded winners from what must be poor mates. Just think he has more graded stakes winners than Bernardini and Distorted Humor which may say more about them than him. If given better chances who knows what he could do. He is an unraced half brother of Speightstown who made the top-notch list. How important is this? Out of the 100 sires these are full or half brothers Galileo/Sea The Stars, Frankel/Nobel Mission, Kodiac/Invincible Spirit, City Zip/Ghostzapper, Dansili/Champs Elyse the quality of dams is very important in general and we can strongly suspect in this case. He does get support in the game due to what appears to be an active group of players breeding sires in his region. He deserves an upgrade of some description though do not expect many horses to stay beyond 6.5f.


  • August 21, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Great article! I really like Lope de Vega’s prospects. I know he was upgraded back in 2014 but he is certainly due for another one.

  • August 21, 2019 at 8:46 pm

    Cutting aside the propaganda and weird statistical gymnastics the actual worldwide Top 15 sire list is as follows

    1. Dubawi
    2. Galileo
    3. Into Mischief (might just win the US sire title)
    4. Tapit
    5. Quality Road
    6. Helmet (still beating Frankel!)
    7. Giant’s Causeway
    8. Shamardal (huzzah for the father & son combo!)
    9. Curlin
    10. Hard Spun (might have the BB Juv favorite)
    11. Street Sense (quietly has become a good sire)
    12. Speightstown (he is a lot like Frankel, posts numbers in races that don’t really matter)
    13. Candy Ride (runners are so fragile)
    14. Empire Maker
    15. Scat Daddy

    • August 22, 2019 at 2:21 pm

      If you use money you use money not money that suits your cause and only Galileo and Dubawi are in the top 10. Only 4 make the list and prize money only reflects how much the prize money is in the region not the class of the racing.

      The real top 10 on your basis

      Deep Impact
      Heart’s Cry
      Lord Kanaloa
      Stay Gold
      King Kamehameha
      Daiwa Major

      If you added Australian sire we would have at (2 definitely) Snitzel and I Am Invincible (6) depending on your currency conversion

      It is not how the sires are ranked in the game so totally worthless.

      Anyone who thinks Empire Maker is better than Frankel is certified insane.

      It is worth noting that Frankel now has the highest percentage of black type horses, graded stakes horse, graded stakes winners and grade 1 horses than any sire in the Northern Hemisphere. There are grounds for him being rated very close to Galileo going forward if not on a par.

      • August 22, 2019 at 8:47 pm

        The SIM has already downgraded Japanese sires, so no point into getting into that conversation. Again, my list is 100% accurate, anyone can go look at it in its current form at TDN. I’m sorry, no matter how much you want Frankel to be elite, he just isn’t. He doesn’t rank in the top 15 in $$, which actually is all that matters, and that is what they give sire titles out for. He may beat Helmet someday, but it won’t be in 2019.

  • August 22, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    Fiber sonde is a Charlestown special. Most his wins come from speed at 4.5. Great first time win rate. Runninforluvya is his best runner. Also mare horse late night pow wow…..most to all have high speed. I have a part in one name CR case legacy she is running in a stake on Saturday’s night…. big big filly….. i would like to see him get better mares but for now leave my Charles town speed alone haha.

    • August 22, 2019 at 2:24 pm

      Good luck with your horse Saturday.

      I will try and see if it is on the TV over here. I know they have them on sometimes in the middle of the night.

      At least that explains all the breeding to the sire.

      • August 22, 2019 at 2:35 pm

        Thanks hopeng she turns the table on Diva…. she has been beat a few times by that one. She is just a big mean filly. I think should win outside of Charles town maybe at a mile.Having 20% not much say haha but she has heart figures going up each race I think she is sitting on one. Also running vs older lately.

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